Nvidia GeForce GT 730 4GB Graphics Card CALL FOR PRICE


  • 902 MHz Core
  • 384 CUDA Cores
  • Pascal Architecture
  • 1.8 Gbps Memory Speed
  • 64-Bit Memory Interface
  • DisplayPort HDMI + DVI-D DL
  • 3840 x 2160 Max Digital Resolution
  • Blower-Style Cooler

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Nvidia GeForce GT 730 4GB Graphics Card

Speed up your PC multimedia experience. Upgrade to the new NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 dedicated graphics card and get super-fast web browsing, plus incredible photo and video editing. The GT 730 also delivers 3X faster gaming performance than integrated graphics while delivering rock-solid reliability and stability with GeForce Experienc

Enjoy all your videos and pictures in HD with the GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition Graphics Card. With 4GB of DDR3 RAM, the GT 730 provides faster video editing, photo editing, and web browsing than integrated graphics. You can also get drivers and optimize game settings with a single click using the GeForce experience.


             NVIDIA’s parallel computing platform which enables an increase in computing performance by harnessing the parallel nature of GPU processing. CUDA compatible applications can assign intensive parallel computing tasks, such as real-time video rendering, to the GPU to process, freeing up the computer’s CPU to run other tasks.
NVIDIA PhysX Technology
NVIDIA’s hardware accelerated physics engine computes how objects move in space in real time.
3D Vision Support
Adaptive V-Sync


NVIDIA’s Adaptive Vertical Sync minimizes stuttering and tearing by monitoring and adjusting the card’s frame rate output.  At lower frame rates, Adaptive V-Sync will automatically be disabled to minimize stuttering

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