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MotoGP 18 is your one and only option if you want to experience the thrills of MotoGP racing on your Nintendo Switch. As long as you fully understand and accept the visual and technical concessions being made for the freedom of portable play.

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Switch Nintendo MotoGp-18

Motorbike enthusiasts have had it rough on Switch, which is why the news that Milestone is bringing its officially-licensed motorcycle racing series to Nintendo’s hybrid console has been greeted with such enthusiasm by faithful followers of two-wheel racing. But does this version finish on the podium, or should we all just take Rossi’s advice and stay at home and work on the garden? Like other Milestone racing games you can turn on and off all sorts of driving aids (including the ever popular/controversial ‘Rewind’ feature). The less of these you use, the bigger the XP reward multiplier you’ll get at the end of each race, which in turn allows you to level up your racer profile. But even with lots of practice, disabling some of these will greatly impact your ability to keep your bike standing, with frustration settling in at a steady pace.

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